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Canterbury Gin


Our first batch of Nine Fathoms Navy Strength Gin is almost ready! Keep an eye on our social channels.

What is 'Navy Strength' Gin?

Gin has been around for a long time and it has a long naval history. In the days of British naval superiority, a bit of gin or rum was supplied to the sailors each day. The sailors in turn found ways of testing the spirit's alcohol percentage by burning it alongside gunpowder. If it was "proof" it would ignite with no issue, but if it wasn't high enough proof, it wouldn't light. It was a way for the navy to know they were getting their money's worth and for the sailors to know that no one was watering it down too much.

Today, Navy Strength gin is measured at about 57% alcohol by volume, or 114 proof. Navy Strength gin imparts a lot more flavour and it is amazing for cocktail mixing.

While mixing with this gin, expect it to go cloudly. Nothing is wrong, but all those botanic oils mixing with other compounds tend to get shocked and that turns the beautiful clear gin into something a bit cloudier - nothing wrong!

Made with Canterbury Grain

We used 100% Canterbury-grown Malted Barley for this gin's base. You may even taste some of that base spirit in the gin. While most gin producers use a sugar or whey base, we decided to go about it the hard way for what we believe gives a better mouth feel.


Juniper. That is the only necessary botanical to make gin and it must be the predominant flavour of the gin. Most distillers will at least add coriander seeds and angelica root as well to create a more rounded flavour.

We decided to go all in and use nine different botanicals. These may slightly change from batch to batch, so check out the gin batch page for each batch's details. Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Horopito, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, and Kiwi Fruit are the basis for each of our batches, but we like to have room to play with the other two.