Micro & Craft Distilling – Herrick Creek Distillery

Micro and Craft Distilling

Small batch with quality and flavour in mind - That's what micro distilling means to us. What's the difference between Micro and Craft distilling? Nothing. Both words mean that we're dedicated to making quality, unique spirits.

We distill everything on a small still and in small batches. Our New Zealand products are all made in Christchurch from Canterbury grains and distilled at our very small headquarters. There's a chance that we may be the smallest commercial distillery in the world!

Being small means we have options. We have the option to be picky about what parts of a run we keep. We can go searching for flavours and blend them to create unique spirits that larger distilleries can't.

It means we can do single barrel releases and that we can import single barrels for our "Explorer Series." These allow us to provide something uniquely New Zealand that was distilled in other parts of the world.

Micro distilling also means that we can adapt, change, and grow the way we see fit. That means crafting profiles that our customers want and taking as much feedback as possible to do so.

We hope you enjoy our products and that you'll let us know what you think!