Herrick Creek Distillery | Christchurch, New Zealand

Crafted in Christchurch

Whisky, Gin, and Moonshine - We're creating spirits that are unique for NZ.

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Our Spirits

Bourbon - Explorer Series 2021

Our first Explorer Series release is a Straight American Bourbon, made in Indiana, and aged in America for over two years, then finished in an ex-Marlborough NZ Pinot Noir barrel.

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Maple Moonshine

We've taken our Original Moonshine and infused it with Grade 'A' Canadian Maple Syrup.

Add it to cocktails, desserts, or try it straight.

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Smokin' Right Rear Cinnamon Moonshine

Our Cinnamon Moonshine is made in spirit of motorsport! It's hot and spicy, and there is no added sugars!

Great fireball replacement and fantastic in Ginger Beer.

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Original Corn Mash Moonshine

Our idea of Vodka! Made from a traditional recipe with New Zealand corn, it's not as neutral as Vodka, but it's much more interesting to work with.

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New Zealand Whisky

Coming 2022 - We're working on multiple Whisky mash bills made predominately from New Zealand corn.

We're also growing and mashing with Heritage Corn varieties, grown by us, by hand.

2021 - Blue Hopi Corn

2022 - Bloody Butcher Corn

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Nine Fathoms Canterbury Gin

Citrus, Hops, Horopito, & Juniper are a few of the great scents and flavours you can expect from this unique gin.

100% grain-to-glass, Navy Strength Gin, which means it clocks in at 57% abv. 

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