About Us – Herrick Creek Distillery

About Us

The Brand

Herrick Creek is based on a legend. It's a story that connects New Zealand and Canada and it seems like it may just do so indefinitely. When we decided it was time to open a distillery, it was this story that stuck with us.

Our mission is to create small batch, uniquely New Zealand spirits, combined with the tales and mystery of what happened, and may still be happening, in the area around Herrick Creek.

Good spirits at good prices!


Craft Distilling - Grain to Glass

Craft distilling isn't about finding the cheapest ingredients and the fastest process, it's about finding the right ingredients and the right process that makes the best product. We've seen our fair share of shortcuts but we'd rather spend the money on good ingredients and take the time to make the drink right. 

It's our job to help you find and taste great New Zealand spirits! 

We distill everything on a small still and in small batches. Our New Zealand products are all made in Christchurch and distilled at our very small headquarters. In other parts of the world, governments actually have put a definition to Commercial/Micro/Nano distilleries based on yearly output. By those definitions, we are Nano!


Our Goal

You deserve transparent, locally crafted, grain-to-glass spirits that don't break the bank. It is expensive to produce alcohol in New Zealand, but we think everyone should enjoy spirits from Aotearoa. 

We hope bars and restaurants slowly stock more and more New Zealand products, instead of the mass-produced overseas spirits. The only way we can do that is with your help and support!

2020 was our first year of production and brought a lot of challenges and triumphs. Our first batches of Gin and Moonshine have been huge successes and we're looking forward now to new releases and products. 

Sept 2020 - Smokin' Right Rear Moonshine released

Oct 2020 - Nine Fathoms Gin released

Nov 2020 - Original Corn Moonshine released

Mar 2021 - First Explorer Series release - American Straight Bourbon

Jun 2021 - Our custom 200L Copper Pot Still arrived named "Eddie"

Jul 2021 - Maple Moonshine released

Oct 2021 - NZ Blue Corn Whisky barrelled 

Nov 2021 - Moose Lake Classic Gin released

Next Steps:

  • Release more Moonshines
  • Release of our first NZ made Whisky
  • Continue to grow and cultivate heritage corn varieties for NZ whisky production 

Our People

There aren't many of us, and we're a family-owned and run business. Tom is the distiller, brewer, cleaner, Chief Everything Officer (whisky lover). Alannah helps with labels, marketing, and shipping (gin lover). While AJ is our marketing expert and advisor (moonshine lover). Our distillery cat, Moose, watches all the production with a close eye. We all do it for the love of the spirits.